Cindy Hayes

Married, mother of a 12 year-old and 3 grown daughters, Cindy has a heart for women and the unique problems they  face in life.  She taught at The New Testament Christian School for eight years.  This K though 12 school taught      every academic discipline from a biblical world view.  In 2012, her last year at the school, she volunteered at Learn Your Options Medical Center and within a year she was hired as Center Director in Fall River.  Her passion for education and her desire to impact youth led her to seek certification as a REAL Essentials instructor, and then national certification as a Sexual Risk Avoidance Specialist (SRAS) instructor through ACSEND.  Between raising four daughters, counseling many young women and couples at the center, and facing her own challeges as a teenager and young adult, Cindy is well aware of the emotional needs and challenges facing our young culture today.  Her goal is to assist youth to succeed by teaching them the skills needed to develop healthy relationships, appreciate who they are created to be and become world changers. 




Suzanne Kaitbenski

As a wife of 31 years and mother of two adult children, Suzanne understands the importance of establishing and maintaining healthy relationship skills.  Her desire to help young men and women began during her time as a volunteer at a local pregnancy center.  As she continued to serve clients facing unexpected pregnancies, she recognized the greater need for education and support in developing healthy relationships.  In 2013, she attended a workshop through The Center for Relationship Education and received her certification as a REAL Essentials Instructor.  Suzanne's passion is to engage, educate and empower students with the practical tools foundational for building healthy relationships now and throughout their lifetime.  






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