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Through education and character development, we equip and empower youth to make healthy choices that will set the foundation for a successful future...

Why S.R.A.?

Why S.R.A. ?

Let's face it, relationships are difficult. They can be absolutely wonderful or tremendously draining. Unhealthy relationships negatively affect an individual's quality of life. Relationships are the foundation...



"There was great dialogue and energy as students discovered things about themselves and others. I found the REAL Essentials material presented relevant, helpful and engaging.The material was presented.."

Learn the Essentials has selected one of the country's leading relationship education curriculum REAL Essentials, to help young people navigate the minefield of relationships, romantic attachments, choices, challenges, obstacles and temptations to equip students with the life skills needed to overcome the many challenges facing today's adolescents. Students are engaged in practical interactive activities that are designed to empower them with self-regulation and positive decision making tools. The sexual health component of REAL Essentials are S.R.A. (Sexual Risk Avoidance) approved and all lessons are evidence based and medically accurate.

Activities address the following:

- Developing healthy dating strategies.
- Developing appropriate boundaries.
- Understanding safe, social media guidelines.
- Creating a road map for success.
- Learning skills to build healthy relationships.
- Navigating effective communication techniques to resolve conflict.
- Understanding sex in the context of true love.
- Developing leadership skills.

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